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Recent Financial News

Seeen enters strategic partnership with American 7s Football League

(Sharecast News) - Seeen announced a strategic partnership with the American 7s Football League (A7FL) on Friday, involving the integration of its media and technology artificial intelligence (AI) platform into A7FL's digital landscape, aimed at delivering 'key video moments; to augment views and revenue across video content.

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Molecular Energies 'disappointed' with Paraguay well suspension

(Sharecast News) - Molecular Energies said in an update on Friday that the Tapir x-1 exploration well in Paraguay had been temporarily suspended due to challenging drilling conditions, failing to reach the target zone.

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FD Technologies warns of revenue slightly below consensus

(Sharecast News) - FD Technologies said in a full-year trading update on Friday that group revenue was expected to be slightly below consensus, at no less than £247m, while adjusted EBITDA was anticipated to be in line with consensus, coming in at £22.5m at least.

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Share Compare is a private investor share research site, dedicated to helping private investors research and find new shares in which to invest. The London stock markets change every day, and shares that were solid last month look shaky today. Share Compare allows you to find new stocks and shares by specifying certain behaviours (such as return on investment, or earnings), or by looking for shares similar to existing holdings.

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